a constellation of Canadian poetry courtesy the poets and publishers of the literary press group (lpg)

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About the Woven Odes Poetry Browser

The Woven Odes Poetry Browser is built and maintained by the Literary Press Group, a member organization of sixty independent literary publishers from all across Canada. The LPG maintains All Lit Up, a webstore and community hub that celebrates Canadian Literature.

It uses "ForceDirected" code from the JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit by Nicolas Garcia Belmonte (see his GitHub here).

A big h/t to Peter from the JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit Google Group, who helped troubleshoot a serious issue that would have prevented this sweet sweet poetry from coming to a screen near you. Thanks also to our developers, Craig and Ben, who got this rolling online for all to see.

Last, thanks to the 131 poets and 38 publishers whose hard work and dedication is reflected in, and the real engine behind, this project.

Questions? Contact All Lit Up.